Website Health Check

HealthCheckEnquireA website may look good visually, but can be let down by other important factors.   Flaws could include missing functionality and errors in the programming code which harms your websites usability and search ranking.   Flaws may not have been apparent at the time the website was developed, but may become more evident as Internet standards change.  If a website is not maintained and reviewed it can become obsolete because it no longer meets commonly accepted standards. If a website doesn't work properly for a significant portion of it's intended audience, due to issues like broken functionality, or hard to find information and navigation issues, this can mean lost sales and a negative effect on the companys brand.    Website Repairmen have developed an informative website checkup report that reviews the critical issues of concern for modern websites.

Get us to health check your website

We prepare a report and grade the site based on key areas of importance, we highlight the priority of issues found and give our recommendations and a no obligation quote for the repairs. The information provided by this report is invaluable even if you don't decide to employ our services to sort out issues that we find.  To get a free no obligation health report for your website Contact us today.

Some of the key factors we check

User centric design
Poor navigation, contrast that makes pages difficult or even impossible to read, missing functionality and broken links! These are some of the reasons people hit the back button and go somewhere else.   If you can't find your way around a companies website first time, it's very unlikely you'll purchase goods or services from that business.  Always remember, the competition is only a mouse click away.

Speed and efficiency
Speed is an essential factor keeping people from closing the site in frustration.  Google and other search engines recommend best practice techniques for optimising the speed of webpages. If google recommends this, then it is likely they will give favour websites that follow this guidance in search results.   The Household Use of Information and Communication Technology Survey from Statistics New Zealand in April 2010 found that 12 percent of New Zealanders still use a dial up connection!   And even broadband is not guarenteed to run at full speed all the time.   When the Internet is experiencing heavy local traffic, broadband potential speed can drop.  There are many techniques that can improve the loading speed of a webpage with no negative effect on the visual quality of a webpage. 

Errors and flaws
Errors on websites can be disastrous, key functionality may not work which could be losing your company business.  Visitors may find the site unprofessional, and they may not be able to reach the information they are trying to reach.   Search engines prefer error free pages, a website will get a better ranking if standards are followed.   A website might have worked well when it was first built, and appear to work on your browser, but it may not work for others if standards are not adhered to.   It all helps keep visitors from hitting that dreaded back button, and helps get your site closer to the first result in a search.

Search Engine Optimisation
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is all about getting a website as close to the number 1 position for the search words people are looking for.  If you don't pay regard to SEO, it's a bit like floating a boat in the middle of the ocean and hoping for someone to pass you by.  There are many important issues when optimising a site to get a good search result.      Whether we are reviewing an existing site or developing a new one we pay careful attention to the relevant issues and techniques.  We follow comprehensive inhouse methods and keep up to date with industry best practice.


Is your site working how it should?

Website Repairmen specialise in correcting faults in design and within the code.   We understand the finer points of how websites work, and how to address issues that other people may struggle with.   Our service is economical and we provide a set quote for necessary changes allowing you to do a cost benefit analysis to decide if the investment is worth it for your business.   Our rates are very competitive and based around realistic amounts of work involved.   If we know something is easy to fix or implement that is exactly how we will treat it, so the cost of work is fair and reasnoble for you.